Review Beatrix Lazo

Born in Mexico City, graduated from UNAM with a bachelor's degree in architecture. Left for Paris and spent four years specializing in Spatial Design at the École Superieur des Arts Deco. Commenced a PhD in Spatial Semiotics at the prestigious École des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociaux. Studied nude art history and drawing at the Louvre Museum.

Her aesthetic proposal is to create geometrically structured volumes with a high degree of human sensitivity, epitomized by plasticity and deep sensuality that provides the work with great human feeling for current society. She seeks to substantiate his creativity within the aesthetic refinements of culture. She takes care to incorporate the concepts set out in her thesis. Architectural models are transformed into sculptures with organic and geometric shapes. Her sketches are transformed into colourful paintings with harmonious colour and light.

The works of Beatrix Lazo decorate homes and public spaces. Her style adapts to monumental art. She produces pieces in diverse forms with a delicate style as well as paintings with varied themes.

Has displayed works in Mexico, Spain, Chicago and New York in over 30 solo and collective exhibitions. Has had works displayed at international art fairs: Expresarte, Polifórum, Mexican Chamber of Deputies, San Lázaro palace, Herradura Art Fair, Galería Santa Fe, Plaza Satélite, Interlomas, Maxico International Airport Gallery, Centro Asturiano, Juárez Fine Arts Museum, Salón de la Plástica Mexicana, Japonese Centre Gallery, Coyoacán Gallery, Emma Rizo Gallery, Galería Club de Negocios Colonia del Valle, among others.

Participated in international architecture and monumental sculpture competitions in Las Palmas Spain, INBA Biennial, Corredor de la Roma, José Vasconcelos International Architecture Competition, Tlaxcoaque Bicentennial Square City International Competition, selected for an award at the Chapingo International Biennial of Contemporary Art.

She currently works in her studio and workshop, holds the chair of Theory of Architecture and Design at UNAM and regularly gives lectures on art, sculpture and architecture. Holds workshops in: Nude Drawing, Theoretical and Practical Sculpture, Models and Mock-ups. Her work can be seen in the quality of the pieces acquired by collectors and a demanding and knowledgeable public.

Beatrix Lazo
"Man feels suspended between heaven and earth and swings between powers and contrary forces"
Octavio Paz, Labyrinth of Solitude.
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